The Indonesia Research Partnership on Infectious Disease (INA-RESPOND) is a collaborative initiative between United States and Indonesian government institutions formed to promote and conduct high-quality infectious disease clinical research in Indonesia through development of a collaborative, sustainable, and well-recognized research network.

INA-RESPOND has been conducting clinical research since 2011. Infectious diseases that have been prioritized by Ministry of Health of Republic Indonesia include Malaria, Avian Influenza, Dengue, AIDS (HIV), Tuberculosis, or in short, MADAT, and Neglected Infectious Diseases.

The aim of the INA-RESPOND is to conduct basic and clinical research, increase the understanding of the pathogenesis of diseases, and prevent and treat infectious disease based on the concerns of the country and in alignment with the priorities of the Indonesian Ministry of Health. It is intended that the research conducted by this network will aid in the development of public health policies and build a sustainable research capacity within Indonesia.

This beneficial collaboration allows both countries to partner in research and study infectious diseases that affect Indonesia, the surrounding region and the global community. As the world becomes increasingly smaller and travelling becomes easier, responsible global health citizenship demands international and domestic collaborations to face the challenges imposed by diseases, particularly infectious diseases that respect no geographic boundaries.

  • Beneficial and Responsive to the research needs of Indonesia and the international community
  • Innovative in designing, implementing, and integrating research in a healthcare setting
  • Goal-Oriented to achieve the mission of the network
  • High-Quality in conducting scientifically sound and ethical infectious disease research
  • Trust and teamwork with respect, transparency, communication, collaboration, and shared responsibility.

The vision of INA-RESPOND is to become the premier research network in the region providing evidence to inform policy making, minimize the impact of infectious diseases, and improve human well-being.

The mission of INA-RESPOND is to improve the health of the people of Indonesia and benefit the international community, by conducting high- quality infectious disease research through a collaborative, sustainable, and well-recognized research network.

Goal # 1:

Generate knowledge, disseminate results, and promote utilization of research findings.

We will strive to create standard protocol operating procedures, implement studies, and develop site staff to publish and present findings to ultimately affect treatment, diagnosis guidelines, and policy.

Goal # 2:

Build INA-RESPOND as a sustainable research network capable of conducting excellent clinical research.

We will strive to train site staff to increase competencies and conduct quality research in an effort to establish clinical research units and obtain new funding sources.

Goal # 3:

Develop, implement, and maintain internal management and operations practices.

We will strive to streamline operations to maintain a functional specimen repository and data management center.