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    Current and expanding infectious disease profile in Indonesia warrants a sense of urgency and mandates that research be a priority to guide the management and prevention of disease to reduce morbidity and mortality. The purpose of Indonesia Research Partnership on Infectious Diseases (INA-RESPOND) is to bring together clinical and academic medical institutions to develop a robust collaborative infectious disease research network.

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    • 28 MAY 20
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    Recent Publications (2020)

    Recent Publications (2020)

    “Leptospirosis in Indonesia: Diagnostic challenges associated with atypical manifestations and limited laboratory capacity”. Muhammad Hussein Gasem, Usman Hadi, Bachti Alisjahbana, Emiliana Tjitra, Muhammad Karyana, MMDEAH Hapsari, Endang Sri Lestari, Herman Kosasih, Abu Tholib Aman, Dewi Lokida, Gustiani Salim, Kanti Laras, Nurhayati Lukman, Ketut Tuti Parwati Merati, Mansyur Arif, Pratiwi Sudarmono, Vivi Lisdawati, Chuen-Yen Lau, Aaron

    • 12 FEB 20
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    INA-RESPOND 2019 Accomplishment

    We have gone through a lot in 2019. The year has been proven as exciting and challenging as ever, but with perseverance and solid team work, we have managed to come through victorious! Check out our network’s latest accomplishment. 2019 INA-RESPOND accomplishments

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