In the last two decades, research in Indonesia has increased, as evidenced by the number of studies conducted in the country. Unfortunately, this number is not equivalent to the number of publications from Indonesian authors and researchers. An Internet website recorded that from 1996 to 2015, no publication from Indonesia was listed in the 50 major international publications in health, pharmacy, genetics and molecular biology, immunology, and microbiology. This fact is quite concerning considering that publications from other ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand are included in the list.

This happens due to various factors. One of which is the international publications selection process that is difficult to qualify, especially for journals with a good reputation and high impact factor. This makes writers in Indonesia become hesitant and discouraged to try submitting their articles to an international journal.

We welcome the publication of the “Panduan Penulisan Ilmiah” book by our colleagues in the INA-RESPOND network. This book has been excerpted from various sources and firsthand experiences of international writers from in and out of the country. We wish that with the publication of this book, we can also raise the motivation of researchers in Indonesia, so they will be more productive in publishing scientific papers in prestigious journals, especially international journals.

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