PROACTIVE and InVITE Study Visits with NIAID Team


by: Lois Eirene Bang

On Thursday, 16 June 2022, INA-RESPOND representatives* and guests from NIAID** visited RSU Kabupaten Tangerang and St. Carolus, Jakarta – two hospitals that participate in the INA-RESPOND observational cohort research, PROACTIVE (A Prospective Observational Cohort Study on HIV Infection and Risk Related Coinfections/Comorbidities in Indonesia) or a.k.a INA-PROACTIVE.

The main agenda of the visit to RSU Kabupaten Tangerang is to observe the follow-up study visits and the data collection process, starting from filling out the Case Report Form (CRF) to entering data into the e-CRF, Open Clinica, and to discuss the PROACTIVE study with the research team, guided by dr. I Gede Rai Kosa, Sp.PD, FINASIM as the Site Principal Investigator (Site PI). In addition, the team visited the INA-RESPOND Referral Laboratory at RSU Kabupaten Tangerang, guided by the Head of the Referral Laboratory, dr. Dewi Lokida, Sp.PK(K).

At St.Carolus hospital, the team listened to the presentation of PROACTIVE research activities at the site and the profile of Carlo clinic as a private clinic for the management of HIV patients. Dr. Emon Winardi Danudirgo, Sp.PD also had the opportunity to guide the team to see the facilities at Carlo Clinic and the Clinical Pathology Laboratory, St. Carolus.

* INA-RESPOND representatives: dr. M. Karyana, dr. Dona Arlinda, dr. Retna Mustika Indah, dr. Herman Kosasih, dr. Nugroho Hari Susanto, Ms. Virtania Meirina Agusta, Ms. Tiya Saraswati, Ms. Melinda Setyaningrum, and Ms. Lois Eirene Bang.
** Guests from NIAID: dr. Ray Chen and dr. Aaron Neal.


By: Adhella Menur Naysilla

On June 17, 2022, Dr. Aaron Neal visited the Indonesia InVITE study sites in Tangerang. Accompanied by dr. Dewi Lokida, Sp.PK (K) and Research Assistants (dr. Naya and dr. Ivana) from RSU Kabupaten Tangerang, Dr. Aaron went to Puskesmas Kelapa Dua at 9.00 AM WIB and was received at 9.45 by the study team from Puskesmas Kelapa Dua (Co-Investigator drg. Rr Truly Kartikawatie, study nurse Endang Lina, and laboratory technician Marini) and Puskesmas Bojong Nangka (dr. Salmawati, study nurse Endang Sri Rahayu, and laboratory technician Rosidah).

Puskesmas Kelapa Dua set up an outdoor meeting space for Dr. Aaron to present the global InVITE study updates. During the occasion, he also expressed his appreciation for the Indonesia team‘s excellent work. The two Heads of Puskesmas reciprocated by expressing their gratitude for being involved in the InVITE study and hoped the primary health centers’ participation could contribute to public health. They also expected the Indonesia team to publish a paper about Indonesia’s InVITE local study. They hoped the published study evidence could serve as a “gift” for Tangerang District Health officials who have been supportive.

After the meeting, they went on a tour of the Puskesmas to see its facilities. Dr. Aaron was impressed with the critical, heavy workload the primary health center has and wished that the solid collaboration would last and expand to other studies.

The team then came back to RSU Kabupaten Tangerang. Dr. Aaron observed the actual InVITE follow-up visit conducted by the RAs. He also wanted another global InVITE investigator, dr. Renee Ridzon, to visit and follow the Indonesia InVITE study flow soon.

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